Shake the World

Shake The WorldI recently finished reading “Shake the World” by James Marshall Reilly and was so inspired!!! I don’t normally read non-fiction, but my husband, Matt, recommended this to me and he went through the trouble of searching for it for many months (he had started reading this a while ago but had to return it before finishing it, then couldn’t remember the title or author).  After he found it and triumphantly brought it home from the library, I decided to give it a try.

And boy, am I glad I did.

This book is about people and businesses who are doing things differently.  Both for- and non-profit organizations are discussed.  They are going about work and viewing jobs in a non-traditional manner.  The author interviews many many people from many many walks of life who’s definition of “success” isn’t all about money.  For many, focusing on company culture, developing and caring about employees and how profit is attained is more important than the profit itself.

Terms like “social entrepreneurship” and “profit with purpose” and “philanthrocapitalism” were all new to me.  With each example and story told by those interviewed, my hope was renewed that I can make a positive difference in this world.

I actually took notes.  I actually wrote down several ideas of what I could do.

I recommend this book to anyone who has a job, is looking for a job, isn’t looking for a job, owns a business and thus provides jobs to other people, wants to do something more with their life, doesn’t want to do something more with their life because they’re completely content, and those who just want to read something different or challenge themselves to think about something in a different way.  So yeah, pretty much everyone!

What about you? What have you read recently that inspired you?


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