Reusing Christmas Cards

100_5535What do you do with the Christmas cards you receive after Christmas is over? Personally, I keep mine.  I have a box of cards I’ve received since I was a child.  Does that sound crazy? I’m not a pack rat by any means.  I’m somewhat of a minimalist.  But for some reason, the sentimental side of me comes out when it comes to Christmas cards.  Sometimes I like to Deck my Halls with them.  Other times I just like to read them.  If I’m having a Blue Christmas, I think about the people who gave me those cards at different points in my life and wonder what they’re up to now.

For those of you who don’t keep all your cards, or receive cards from your dentist or credit card (seriously, I received a card this year from Discover…and I’m not keeping it) and aren’t particularly attached to them, here’s what I do to reuse them:

If no one’s written on the back of the front of the card, I tear/cut off the front of the card and reuse it as a gift tag.  Depending on what’s on the front, multiple gift tags can be cut from one card or even different shapes can but cut out.  One time I cut out the giant holly leaf that was on the front and used it as a gift tag.  Very cute.

I also use the whole card front as the actual card to stick in gift bags.  I just write my note on the back, throw it in and I’m done.

I live in a town that makes recycling very easy so I put the back of the card (that has writing on it) in the recycle tub.  Also, I reuse all cards I receive throughout the year in this manner, whether it’s a Thank You note or a Birthday card or a Party Invitation card or whatever.  I don’t save those cards like I do Christmas cards.  I have a nice stash of card fronts to choose from and like the fact that those pretty designs get to be seen by more people.  I also like not having to buy a lot of cards or gift tags.

So when you’re Dreaming of a White Christmas with every Christmas card you write, remember someone can reuse that card if you don’t write on the back of the front.  After Santa Claus has come and gone from town and it’s time to pack up the decorations, don’t throw those cards in the trash.  Help the environment and save yourself some Silver and Gold by reusing them.


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