The King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion

I’ve been interested in baking for a long time.  One of my science fair projects in junior high was about baking powder and cakes (not sharing any of those photos!).  Over time, my interest turned into liking.  Liking turned into enjoying.  Enjoying turned into loving.  Yes, I’m still talking about baking!


Several years ago, I found The King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion at the library.  I read it from cover to cover and was very very sad when I had to return it.  I had learned so much and had only tried a few recipes, all of which turned out well and were delicious.  Enter the wonderful KAF Baking Companionhusband – he bought me my very own copy for my birthday that year.  Words cannot express how ecstatic I was!  The book not only provides recipes, but it teaches about ingredients, equipment and process/procedure. I think it’s easy to read too and a great way to learn fundamentals, tips and tricks from people who know what they’re talking about.  It was definitely a great gift.

I think this cookbook took me from Enjoy to Love.

Here are just a few things I learned from the Baker’s Companion that have made me a better baker:

  • How to measure flour by volume: Stir the flour to fluff it up, sprinkle it into your dry-cup measuring cup and scrape off the excess with a straight edge.
  • Unless otherwise specified, use Large eggs.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all ingredients need to be at room temperature.  This means you have to plan ahead and set out your eggs and butter ahead of time.
  • Use real butter – unsalted.
  • A cookie scoop is a handy tool.
  • Dutch-process cocoa is an ingredient worth searching and paying a higher price for.


I promise that King Arthur Flour did not pay me to write this post.  I really do recommend this book if you are interested in learning more about baking and want to try some great recipes.  Happy reading and baking!



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