Falling Shower Caddy Remedy

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has had this happen:  while peacefully taking a shower there’s a sudden loud crash, you scream like a little girl and then notice various shower accessories on the floor while trying not to get soap in your eyes.  You then proceed to replace said accessories and then not a minute later it happens again.


Anyone? Anyone?


Well, it’s really annoying.  It’s…The Falling Shower Caddy.


I don’t remember when I came up with this remedy.  I think it was sometime in college.  Anyway, it’s so simple and yet so effective.  Simply tie a rubber band around the shower head and push it up until it’s snug up against the shower caddy.  It won’t fall down again.  It’s best to use a thick rubber band.  Like when you buy a bunch of broccoli and it has that thick blue rubber band around it.  Don’t throw that away! Or sometimes, our mail comes wrapped in a rubber band.  I have a jar of those rubber bands just waiting to come to the rescue…for something.

Falling Shower Caddy Remedy












So there you have it.  No more anxiety-filled showers.  No more bottles falling on your toes.  Just a peaceful start or end to your day.



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