How to Store Store-Bought Cilantro

Last month, in my Crock Pot Shredded Chicken Chili post, I mentioned that I had brought my cilantro in from my garden at the end of summer and was still able to use it.  Well, sometime between then and now, my beloved cilantro decided it was time to go to seed and is now unusable.


Sad, but true.


So, after thinking about whether I should ban all recipes requiring cilantro until mine grows back, I decided to go ahead and buy cilantro from the store.  I really don’t like doing that because it comes in giant bunches and I usually only need a fourth of a cup.  Then the rest goes bad and I have to throw it out…which I HATE throwing out food.  However, it is pretty cheap so I guess I don’t feel as bad throwing most of it out…but I still feel bad.  It’s the principle.


Anyway, I learned this tip a while ago, which is one reason I decided to go ahead and buy the cilantro.  Before, I kept the bunch of cilantro in a plastic produce bag from the store and kept it in one of the bins in the fridge.  It quickly got all wilty and gross.  Then, I tried putting a paper towel around it to absorb moisture, but that didn’t help much.  I finally looked it up online and found a solution, tried it, and found it to work really well.  I now do this whenever I have to buy cilantro.


Here’s what you do: put the cilantro in a jar of water, put the plastic bag over it, and store in the fridge.  It should stay good for at least two weeks.     Easy enough and if you plan ahead, you can choose to make several dishes to use it all up.  Or maybe just most of it.


If you came over to my house and opened the fridge, this is what you’d see:


Sneak Peak Under the Bag

Storing Cilantro

Storing Cilantro in my Fridge


Yes, it takes up a little space, but to me, it’s totally worth it.  I may be the only person who possibly overthinks when making a decision about buying cilantro from the store…but hopefully this tip will help you make the most of your purchase and encourages you to make the recipes you want even when you don’t have a cilantro plant handy.


Pink lemonade, anyone?


3 thoughts on “How to Store Store-Bought Cilantro

  1. Lisa Lynch says:

    Great idea! We make a lot of Mexican dishes and love cilantro, so just like storing celery, this makes perfect sense. Great tip! I too, hate throwing out cilantro, but you’re right, you buy the bunch for one dish and the rest becomes unusable, gross and trash-worthy. Never again! Thanks, Anne. Have a great week!!!

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