Conserving Water

When Matt and I got married and moved in together, we had duplicates of various household items.  I mean, we had both been living on our own for several years so it was to be expected.  After sorting through everything, we ended up donating several things and even participated in our annual neighborhood yard sale to see if we could make a little money.


We decided to keep, however, some of the plastic pitchers Matt had.  He had lots of them.  I’m not sure why…but he did.  Anyway, we knew we could put those pitchers to good use and we certainly do.


You know how it takes a while for water to get hot? Well, we decided to save that cold water in our handy dandy pitchers instead of letting it go down the drain.  If you come over to our house, you will see a plastic pitcher or two next to our kitchen sink and a couple by our bathtub.  Whenever we turn the water on and we’re waiting for it to get hot, we fill up our pitchers.


What do we do with that water? Mostly, I water my plants with it.  Also, we use it to soak dirty dishes.  Back when we had a top-loading washer and dryer, I dumped some of it in the washer.  During the winter, I use it to fill up the bread pans that are helping to moisten the air.  I’m sure there are many other ways to use the water – wash the car, wash the dog, etc.


I like to think that our water conservation plan helps reduce our water bill but I have no proof of that.  Regardless, we both feel good about saving water.  Every little bit helps, right?


2 thoughts on “Conserving Water

    • Amanda says:

      Good job, guys! It’s a great idea, and can’t be that difficult – just need space for a couple of pitchers!

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