Sweet & Spicy Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Mother’s Day is coming up May 12th and if you’re looking for a great homemade gift, look no further! This body scrub smells wonderful and it leaves your skin feeling really soft and smooth.  It uses ingredients from your pantry.  Just put it in a cute little jar with some ribbon and you’re good to go.  What mom couldn’t use a little pampering? And she’ll love that you made it just for her.


Brown Sugar Body Scrub


Sweet & Spicy Brown Sugar Body Scrub
from Our Best Bites

1/4 c brown sugar
1/4 c white sugar (normal, granulated sugar)
1/2 t cinnamon
1/2 t ground ginger
1/2 t ground cloves
Oil: you can use olive oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, apricot oil, jojoba, etc.
Optional: a few drops of essential oils, such as cinammon

What To Do
Combine everything except the oil in a bowl with a whisk.  Add a little bit of oil and whisk to combine.  Put in as much oil as you want, stirring as you go, to get to your desired consistency.  Store in a container with a lid (I like using cute little glass jars).  This can be stored in the fridge and it will last a long time.  In my experience, when I had some leftover and wasn’t going to use it for a while, I put it in the fridge and it solidified some so you’ll need to let it come to room temperature before using it again.

How To Use
Soap off in the shower so you have clean skin.  Stir the sugar scrub and then massage into skin in circular motions for several minutes.  After rinsing, if your skin feels too oily, you can use a little bit of soap to wash it off.  However, leaving a little will help trap in the moisture, making your skin soft and smooth.  After you get out of the shower, put on some lotion.  It is not recommended to use this on your face.

My Comments
I use plain old olive oil.  The store I usually go to has one that says “unscented” so I use that.

I’ve never put in any essential oils.

If you do use this in the shower, or you think your mom will, (as opposed to just using it for your hands at the sink) be careful because the floor will get a little slippery.  I’ve never fallen or anything when I’ve used it in the shower, but just be aware and be safe.

When I give this as a gift, I like to add a popsicle stick tied into the ribbon on the jar so the recipient has something to stir it with.  I also make a lable to go with it.


This is a great gift on its own and would also be great in a gift basket with some other pampering items.  Be creative and you can make your momma one happy lady!


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