Gnat Catcher

If you’ve got summer produce, chances are you also have gnats.  They can quickly get out of control and multiply quicker than rabbits.  A few summers ago I found this remedy somewhere online.  There’s no need to have gnats swarming in your house, driving you crazy.


What You Need

gnat catcher

a small square piece of foil, a shallow container, a toothpick (oops, forgot that in the picture), apple cider vinegar



What To Do

IMG_7314 (640x427)

1.  Place foil tightly over the shallow container and poke holes in it with a toothpick.


IMG_7315 (640x427)

2.  Remove foil and pour apple cider vinegar into shallow container – fill it full.  I place mine in another dish in case I spill.


IMG_7316 (640x427)

3.  Cover container with foil and place near your produce.


If you build it, they will come.  The gnats are attracted to the vinegar and when they go near the hole, they get sucked in and can’t get out.  No photo of floating dead gnats – sorry, just too morbid 🙂


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