DIY Thanksgiving Table Decor

Thanksgiving is coming up soon! Will you be having family and/or friends over to share a meal? If so, here is a fun, do-it-yourself (or with help), free, simple and pretty way to decorate your table.


Fall Leaves 1


You will need:

  1. Time to walk around your neighborhood or a park or any area where leaves have fallen off the trees
  2. A big book or two
  3. Maybe some paper towels or parchment paper


Here’s how:

  1. Take a walk (with a friend? with your kids? with your thoughts?) and collect as many pretty fall leaves as you want.  You can collect all of the same kind or different leaves – it’s totally up to you.  I did this with a friend a few years ago and it was really fun! It was a great way to get some exercise too!
  2. Press the leaves by placing them between the pages of a big, heavy book.  If you are concerned that the color of the leaves might leave marks on the pages,  put the leaves between two sheets of paper towels or parchment paper first.  Mine did not leave any marks but better safe than sorry.
  3. Set the books aside until the leaves are dry.  Check the leaves after a few days and see if they are dry.  If so, they’re ready to use.  If not, leave them for another few days.  Or, just leave them until you set the table for Thanksgiving, assuming you collect and press the leaves several days in advance.
  4. When the leaves are completely dry, arrange them on your table however you like.  This creates a beautiful display of natural fall beauty for you and your guests to enjoy throughout your Thanksgiving dinner.


I loved doing this and I want to do it again.  It reminds me of a leaf collection project I did in grade school.  At least now I don’t have to label each leaf and get graded!

Have a great weekend! Happy leaf collecting!


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