Bread and Wine

It’s another cold dreary day here in central IL – perfect for curling up with a good book.  A friend recommended “Bread and Wine” to me several months ago and I just finished reading it.  I now recommend it to you.

Bread and Wine

Author Shauna Niequist shares with us a collection of stories and lessons learned from her life and they all revolve around the table.  What happens around the table? Friends and family gather around the table and share life together, both the good and the bad…and of course, food.  Some of the stories are a little sad, some are funny, some are sweet, some make you think about your own life.  They all encourage you to be who you are, where you are, to love and listen, to give of yourself, to have faith, to be grateful.

There are recipes sprinkled throughout the book and tips for entertaining can be found at the end.  Not fancy entertaining, just plain having people over…whether it’s planned or a surprise visit from a friend.  The recipes aren’t fancy either – she flat out says she’s not a cook.  She emphasizes loving your guests, not performing for them.  She describes creating a cozy, welcoming, safe place for people to come and be comfortable while being nourished physically and emotionally and/or spiritually.

I really enjoyed reading this book.  It seems like most of Shauna’s most memorable moments throughout life involved food and those she shared it with.  And now she’s striving to create great memories for her family.

So many relationships are created, grown and maintained with the help of food and a table.  I, for one, have been inspired to open my doors (whether the house is clean or not, whether I have matching plates or not, whether I’m in my pajamas or not, whether I cook or order pizza) and welcome life into my home and heart.


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