Cookbook Challenge – May RESULTS & Next Month

Hi, there! I hope you are having a great weekend so far!

Unlike last month, when I didn’t crack open a cookbook until the end of the month, this month was a different story.  The farmer’s market began the first Saturday of May and I LOVE going on opening day!  I got some asparagus and tried making cream of asparagus soup.

I’ve had the Fannie Farmer cookbook for some time now.  One of my brothers gave it to me as a gift.  If I remember correctly, it’s the first real cookbook to be in my possession.  It has lots of great recipes and tips for all kinds of food.  It really is a good resource to have.


Cookbook Challenge May Results

I’ve accepted the challenge to open at least one cookbook/magazine each month and try a recipe.  I’ve got you all to hold me accountable.  I’ll share the results with you near the end of the month.

Will you join me? The rules are simple – just choose a cookbook/magazine you have (dust it off first if you have to) and make something.  E-mail me (look over to the right underneath the slideshow – my address is over in the sidebar) the name of the cookbook/magazine, the name of the recipe and if you want, a photo of what you made.  I’ll post yours with mine.


Cookbook Challenge

If you want to participate in June, and I really hope that you do, please e-mail me your results no later than Friday, June 27th.


2 thoughts on “Cookbook Challenge – May RESULTS & Next Month

  1. Lisa Lynch says:

    So, it didn’t come from a cookbook, well, I’m sure it did originally, but I baked your strawberry Nutella muffins this weekend and JC ate 7 in a row! Okay, I ate the other 5, but at least I spread out my snacking. lol. Larra wouldn’t try any, even with the chocolate inside. Her favorite are banana nut. She’s a nut, cause NUTella rules! Thanks for sharing, Anne!!! Have a great week!

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