Freezing Citrus Peel

Howdy! I just have a quick tip for you today.  It’s come in handy for me and I’m hoping it comes in handy for you too.

Do you ever have a need for some grated lemon or orange peel but don’t have one handy? Do you ever need juice from a lemon or orange but not the peel?

Well, quite some time ago, I read about how you can freeze peels and then zest them later.  I tried it out and it works very well.  So, now I freeze any lemon or orange peels I may have leftover from juicing either one or eating oranges.  (That’s right, I don’t just eat lemons!)  I’m sure it works for limes too, but I just don’t use limes that much so I don’t have a stash of lime peels in my freezer.

Just pop them in the freezer and pull ’em out when you need some zest.  Let them thaw first, of course, then zest away!


Freezing Citrus Peel


I ♥ not wasting citrus peels!


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