So for those of you who don’t know this, I grew up on a farm.  A farm with animals.  Like sheep, goats, cattle, hogs for a while too.  And a donkey.  A donkey named Sophie.  I was never really emotionally attached to Sophie but I did enjoy seeing her out in the field and after I moved away, I did try to catch a glimpse of her whenever I went back to visit.

I was at the library the other week and saw this book called Flash with a picture of a donkey on it.  I was immediately intrigued and picked it up to see what it was about.  As you see here, the donkey has a flower in its mouth.  I can’t remember ever seeing Sophie with a flower in her mouth but I had to admit, this donkey on the cover looked pretty darn cute and I had to investigate.


Fast forward to today.  I have finished the book and absolutely loved it.  I think you might too! Turns out Flash is the name of this donkey on the cover and he just showed up one evening very unexpectedly and at a really bad time for author Rachel Anne Ridge.  I mean, when is it a good time for a random donkey to show up in your life?

After unsuccessfully trying to find its owner, Rachel and her family end up keeping the donkey and he quickly becomes part of the family.  Each chapter of the book tells a different story about Rachel’s life as a wife, mother, artist, friend, and just normal every day person who is much like you and me, though now a donkey owner.  Her stories are sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, and always involve a life lesson learned with the help of Flash, the donkey.

Her faith in God is an important part of Rachel’s life and it is really neat to see how the burden-turned-gift of having a donkey taught her so many things about life.  This is a fun read and even if you never had a donkey growing up, I think you’ll enjoy reading about Flash and how he influenced Rachel and her family.

Baby, it’s cold outside, so get to the library or bookstore then curl up under a blanket with some hot cocoa and enjoy this book!


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